Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is a division of WAPDA. It was started in 1998 to handle the responsibilities and functions of the Islamabad area. IESCO supplies electricity to the region from Attock to Jhelum. So, if you are subscribed to IESCO and are looking for a DUPLICATE ONLINE BILL, you are in the right place.


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IESCO History:-

The Islamabad Area Electricity Board (AEB) was one of 8 AEBs incorporated through amendments to the WAPDA Act during 1981. Subsequently, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) under the Power Sector Restructuring Program permitted the renewal of the (WAPDA) power sector, reason why 12 corporate entities were formed. The 8 distribution and supply companies (DISCO), a national transmission & distribution company (NTDC) and the 3 generation companies (GENCO). These companies have been incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (1984).

ISLAMABAD ELECTRICTY SUPPLY COMPANY (IESCO) was incorporated on April 25, 1998 in the registry of company, (No. L09499 of 1997-98) under the section 32 & the certificate for the start of business was obtained on 01-06-1998 under the section 146 (2) of the Ordinance of Companies (1984).

The company’s main purpose was to take over the rights, properties, and responsibilities of the Pakistan Water and power Development Authority (WAPDA), which comprises an administrative division officially known as Islamabad Area Electricity Board (AEB) and continue, extend and expand businesses and activities.


  • To providing uninterrupted power supply to our worthy clients by allowing commerce and industry, educational and social activities to prosper and enrich the lives of our worthy clients.
  • To being a socially responsible corporate resident.
  • To be the most competent public service in Pakistan.
  • To attain the lowest line losses in the spreading sector.
  • To being an employer of choice.
  • To generate profits for our worthy stakeholders.


  • It is better to print the previous IESCO BILL, but if you cannot do so, simply write down the reference number and the amount of the IESCO BILLyou must pay this month.
  • Now go to any store jazz cash or easy-paisa that is more nearby to you. Ask him to pay your IESCO ELECTRCITY BILL.
  • Give him your reference number and he will tell you the amount you need to pay. Now confirm if he found it online.
  • If that is right, then pay


To maintain uninterrupted power supply and maintain consumers satisfaction, IESCO is divided into Four circles, nineteen divisions, and One hundred and four subdivisions. Superintendent Engineers (SE) are the heads of the circles, while divisions are overseen by Executive Engineers (XEN). All subdivisions are administered by Sub divisions Officer (SDO) and each division also has a Customer Service Officer called CSO.

The company is in charge of the electricity distribution network in the administrative districts of Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum and Federal Capital Islamabad.

Technically, IESCO consists of one hundred and eight network stations with a total capacity of 5,224 MVA and distributes power through nine hundred and fifty-one feeders, including AJK.


For complain, you can visit the billing complain resolution counter at the IESCO Central Office located at (St# 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad). You can visit that address and submit your complaints. You can also send your complaint directly to the IESCO CEO by sending your online complaint through Email:

Here is the number for the IESCO Helpline051-9252937

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