Gujranwala Electric Power Company is an abbreviated form of GEPCO. Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) was created under the jurisdiction and electrical network of the former Area Electricity Board/Council, which established in the early 1980s. It included the areas of the existing districts of Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Gujrat, Narowal, and Mandi Bahauddin.


GEPCO has launched the online system for its consumers. When using the online system of GEPCO, anyone can check their bill. In the online system, there are also many other links available, in which there are contact numbers and email addresses of various officers. If you want to login, you have to obtain your username and password.


The procedure for checking or downloading the GEPCO DUPLICATE COPY of the GEPCO BILL is mentioned below. Follow the procedure to obtain a DUPLICATE COPY of your GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL.

  • The GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILLcan be download or check as follows.
  • The method of checking the GEPCO BILL is through the reference number.
  • You must enter the 14-digit numeric reference number without dashes in the box and click the Show bill button.
  • After entering your GEPCO BILL reference number. The system will automatically generate your current GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL.
  • You can also take the print of your GEPCO DUPLICATE BILL.
  • Some of theGEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL reference numbers have been revised. Therefore, enter your reference number 14 digits, as shown in the GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL.
Gepco Bill


People who wish to receive the GEPCO BILLS before the last date can receive the GEPCO DUPLICATE BILL. Those people who are belonging to the GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) they can obtain their GEPCO ONLINE BILL from GEPCO ELECTRICITY website free of cost. Those people who are going to the stores and spend some money to check their GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL, we recommend them that they don’t need to go to any store and spend money that just visit our website and get the GEPCO (GUJRANWALA ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY) BILL easily and free of cost.

This is an easy way to get the GEPCO DUPLICATE BILLS. People can also check the price of the GEPCO BILLS ONLINE before receiving them. People can also check the GEPCO BILL’s last date. These ELECTRICITY BILL can easily get at homes to sit without stress and without any hesitation. This is the best way for people to getting GEPCO BILLS. You can also download the GEPCO BILL ONLINE on this page and download it for free.

This website gives you the facility to check the GEPCO BILL ONLINE for the current month or previous month. You can also obtain a copy of the DUPLICATE GEPCO BILL.


GEPCO was formed on April 25, 1998 and obtained a certificate for the start of business on June 5, 1998. Management and administration are entrusted to a board of directors.

In the early 1960s, the Pakistan’s Govt has decided to establish an independent and autonomous authority to handle all water resources and networks available for energy systems, including generation of power, transmission and distribution. The department was created and named as WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority), the second largest department in Pakistan, after the Army of Pakistan. In the 1980s, WAPDA’s power distribution network was subdivided into eight area electricity panels (AEBs), Gujranwala was one of the AEBs under different power panels that dealt with the power distribution system.

In 1998, WAPDA was integrated into two main sectors: PEPCO and WAPDA. Where WAPDA was limited only to water resources and hydroelectric generation. PEPCO was considered the general manager / company for the generation and distribution of thermal generation.

GEPCO has approximately 3098120 connections, with an average monthly collection for the year 2016-17, is approximately 8937 million rupees.


  • It is best to print the previous GEPCO BILL, but if you cannot do that, simply write down the reference number and the amount of the GEPCO BILL that you have to pay this month.
  • Now go to any jazz shop or easy paisa cashier that is closest to you. Ask him to pay the GEPCO ELECTRICITY BILL
  • Give him your reference number and he will tell you the amount you have to pay. Now confirm that if he found exact online.
  • If he is right, then pay
  • You can also pay your GEPCO BILLthrough your jazz cash app or easy paisa app or even simply dialing *786# and follow the instructions.
  • We can also pay GEPCO BILL ONLINEthrough mobile banking


This is the only service that is 100% free at no extra cost. Not even subscription fees!
I know you can no longer wait to learn more about this method, but first make sure you have the following to activate it on your mobile device


  • First and foremost is your GEPCO reference number. (To find it, find only an old bill/invoice and it’s above your name and address.)
  • An active phone number to receive SMS.
  • If you do not want to receive an SMS and can watch online, you can go here to check online electricity bill.
  • Method of receiving the MEPCO invoice via SMS Without waiting any longer, you are here:
  • Go to this site first (this is an official site)
  • Fill a registration form, containing your name, your email, active phone number and reference.


  • Send your reference number to 923330430111
  • Click the send button there.
  • you done it.
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