Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is an electrical distribution company that supplies electricity to the Lahore’s districts. Okara, Sheikhupura, and Kasur in Pakistan. The electricity service associated with it in Pakistan was initially carried out by various agencies, both in Private and public sectors, in different areas. In order to provide for the unified and coordinated development of water and energy resources, the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is created in 1958 by the WAPDA Act , 1958.
The service distribution of electricity in local areas is currently carried out by various regions of WAPDA. When the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Lahore, in the eight AEBS in Pakistan, was established under the scheme of Area Electricity Boards in 1982 in order to provide more autonomy and representation to the provincial government, elected representatives, industrialists, farmers and other interests groups in function of the AEBS.
The environment and structure of the power industry throughout the world has undergone dramatic change. The energy sector is the shift from monopoly to privatization and of integration to disintegration. To keep pace with this change, the Government of Pakistan approved one Strategic Plan in 1994 as a result of which the power wing of WAPDA has been unbundled into 12 companies of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.
The Council of Electricity of Area Lahore is reorganized in an of those bodies corporate under the name of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO),with effect from 22.03.1998, with the purpose of commercialization and possible privatization.

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The area of responsibility of LESCO covers the Civilian Districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara and Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib.


  • Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) aims to distribute electricity in a reliable, safe,secure, environmentally responsible and cost-effective way
  • Ensure the provision of electricity with the highest levels of quality and excellenceDemonstrate professionalism in all the relationships with the customers and ensure to all actions businesses are driven by the needs of customers.


Sometimes, people face different problems in the service. If you are also one of the people who are facing a problem in LESCO SERVICE, then you should complain about the official website of LESCO. It is not difficult to register a complaint, but a few simple steps will Help it to complete its task. Here is what you need to do:
First of all, you have to click on the given link below to open the official website of LESCO
A new page will open in your browser
This is an official website of Lahore Electric Supply Company in New Tab
You have to register one complaint in the complaint cell. There will be a box to write that you are complaining about. I hope you will do it soon
Do not forget to register the number of references of your meters


In a recent update site, LESCO has added a new feature to calculate your LESCO BILL ONLINE
You just select your meter type Domestic or commercial and then enter the number of consumed Units of previous month

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